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Contemporary Vocalist Book Download

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The Contemporary Vocalist Digital Book
Sing with Confidence.
Expand Your Range.
Learn Natural Breath Support with The Contemporary Vocalist Book


For the Complete Course including audio tracks from 4 CDs, purchase Contemporary Vocalist Vol. 1



Learn Secrets to Sing Freely and Confidently.

  • Sing with Confidence.

  • Expand Your Range.

  • Learn Natural Breathing.

  • Dispel Myths about Falsetto.

  • Overcome Register Break.

Be a Better Singer with The Contemporary Vocalist Digital Book.

As a voice teacher, this is the best series that I have encountered. The book contains a wealth of information on the basics of singing as well as performance issues.  I use this book myself and recommend it to all of my students.
Reviewer: A Voice Teacher in Florida

This comprehensive book helps you improve your breathing, range, and pitch by giving you a newfound understanding of the voice. It puts you in control with a method that is used by professional singers of all Styles of Popular Music. The Contemporary Vocalist Digital Book a PDF file of Jeannie Deva’s fully illustrated 174-page book that accompanies the audio files from her complete course.

Some of the book chapters include:

  • Natural Breathing
  • Freeing Your Natural Voice
  • Falsetto: Myth-Fear-Fact
  • How to Sing Hard and Avoid Vocal Blow -Out
  • Working on a Song and much more.

Regardless of your current level of vocal ability, Jeannie Deva expertly guides you step-by-step through a process of vocal enhancement and discovery. She empowers you with the knowledge and tools that help you sing with confidence and control.

I have already recommended several friends to your products. Though I have many other big vocal training products (Brett Manning, Seth Riggs, etc), yours is the one that I think really makes the most difference in my vocal quality and expressiveness. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Alyse Black, Singer-Songwriter www.AlyseBlack.com

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175-page Illustrated Book as a digital download


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